InfReC R500EX Series

High Resolution Infrared Image for Professional Thermographer

1.2 M pixels Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera

  • Super Resolution Mode:1280×960 pixel
  • Spatial Resolution:equivalent to 0.58mrad

High Sensitivity and High MeasurementAccuracy

  • Sensitivity (NETD):0.025℃
  • Temperature accuracy:±1℃

Spatial Resolution 58μm with Standard Lens

  • Minimum Spatial Resolution :equivalent to 58μm at 10cm distance

A Wide Viewing Angle Lens increases Working Efficiency

  • Field of view(F.O.V.) : 32°(H)×24°(V)

5M pixels visual camera

  • Thermal and Visual“Split-screen Images”and“Fusion Images.”

Selectable 2models for your application

  • R500EX Pro:Measuring range: -40 to +2000℃ Suitable for use in R&D, for making high temperature measurements, and for measuring sequential data.
  • R500EX :Measuring range: -40 to +500℃ Excellent choice for inspection of electrical facilities and remotely located pipes.

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