InfReC R450 Series

InfReC R450 Series

High Resolution, High Sensitivity, High Precision!
Thermal Image Capturing for Thermographers.

Selectable 4 models for your application

Model Frame rate Features
R450Pro 40Hz
  • Full featured model
  • Measuring range: -40 to +1500°C
  • Suitable for use in R&D field where measurement is made in time-series or analysis of heat accumulation or heat dissipation process during welding where an object of room temperature is heated and continuous change of temperature is observed.
R450Pro-D 8Hz
R450 40Hz
  • Standard model for a wide variety of applications
  • Measuring range: -40 to +650°C
R450-D 8Hz

Wide measurement range! (R450Pro)

From room temperature to 1500℃, object temperature can be measured in one range without range change.

Wide measurement range!  (R450Pro)

Onboard Super Resolution Processing Improves Thermal Image Quality Using 4x Pixel Count Enhancement

Multi-frame Super Resolution Processing is a technology that restores the details originally inherent to the object while enhancing the resolution and minimizing fuzziness and noise of the image.
This is accomplished by performing sophisticated calculations on continuous multi-frames of the image.

  • Standard: 480 x 360 pixels Spatial resolution: 0.87 mrad
  • Super Resolution: 960 x 720 pixels Spatial resolution: equivalent to 0.58 mrad *1

Super Resolution Software Enhances Image Clarity

The "InfReC Analyzer NS9500" series analysis software with a SuperResolution "Sharpness" algorithm is provided as a standard R450 series camera accessory. The Sharpness algorithm provides additional noise reduction and edge enhancement of the object's captured thermal image. This creates clearer images that easily show small temperature differences such as tiny cracks on a structure's wall or the patterns of a printed wiring board.

Super Resolution Software Enhances Image Clarity

"Quick Panorama Function" Improves Synthetic Accuracy and Ease of Operation

The R450 series camera "Quick Panorama Function" automatically captures a Panoramic Thermal Image at arbitrary sweep angles up to approximately 75° horizontally and 56° vertically without having to take individual pictures. The Panoramic Image can be photographed as a JPEG file without using a PC and easily downloaded and attached directly to a report. The "Quick Panorama Function" improves synthetic accuracy by increasing the number of the frames used for synthetic images from maximum four frames to six frames over the sweep angle to enable capturing objects of various sizes.

Quick Panorama Function

Panorama Thermal Image

Scroll digitally zoomed images using convenient scroll indicator

Both super resolution image data and panoramic image data can be displayed in continuous zoom up to four (4)times. The scroll indicator feature allows any portion of the image to be easily enlarged to see more details while current image position is shown.

Standard (SR mode)

(SR mode)

2x digital zoom (SR mode)

2x digital zoom
(SR mode)

4x digital zoom (SR mode)

4x digital zoom
(SR mode)

"Automatic Movie Recording" by external trigger input *2

Reliable data acquisition

  • Inputting of an external trigger signal to the camera unit enables analysis software to start movie recording automatically.
  • Data recording linked with test equipment and field facility is available without configuring I/O system.

external trigger

0.025°C High sensitivity by new image filtering function "Denoising"

  • This product uses the latest noise processing technology developed by the NEC Central Research Laboratories to reduce random noise by spatial filtering and preserve the outline details of the object being measured.
  • The Sensitivity (NETD) of 0.025°C (at 30°C) makes this product most suitable for discerning slight differences in temperature in non-destructive inspection.
  • *1 : This increased resolution results from detecting characteristic within all frames and aligning them to compensate for small vibrations such as those introduced by hand movement.
  • *2 : R450Pro, R450Pro-D only

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