Daraclean 200

Heavy-Duty Industrial Cleaner

Daraclean® 200 is a low-foaming high-alkaline cleaner for heavy-duty use on most metals, and it is not aggressive on brass, copper and titanium alloys. It is designed for immersion, spray, and ultrasonic applications.

Daraclean 200 has moderate tolerance to hard water and is suitable for heavy-duty industrial applications. Ideal for cleaning brass, bronze, carbon steel, cast iron, copper, nickel and stainless steel. Daraclean 200 is formulated for excellent soil-rejecting properties, and can be filtered and skimmed, which will extend the cleaner's useful life much further than an emulsion type cleaner.

Formulated to remove machine oils, lubrication oils, cutting fluids, buffing compounds, synthetic coolants, and even difficult carbonized soils, and can be used for general degreasing. SCAQMD clean air certified, Daraclean 200 contains silicates to protect the test metal from corrosion, but has no phosphates.

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