AMPLECTOR Instrument Manager

Ease of Use for Portable Ultrasonic Test Instruments


AMPLECTOR Instrument Manager is a non-proprietary NDT software for the easy management, evaluation, visualization, and documentation of inspection results and instrument settings of portable ultrasonic test instruments.


AMPLECTOR Instrument Manager is operated intuitively and supports the field-proven work process both in the test lab and in practice. The device-independent software is suitable for all inspection tasks and fields of application.


AMPLECTOR Instrument Manager comes with a clear and straightforward user interface regardless of the test instruments used. The operating philosophy follows the field-proven process starting from the inspection task and continuing through the instrument settings up to the evaluation, visualization, and documentation of the inspection results. The stringent logic of the setup is visible all the time and ensures a short training period as well as the safe and efficient handling during the daily work.


AMPLECTOR Instrument Manager proves itself through the clear setup of its user interface oriented towards the work process in the field regardless of the test instrument used.