iPEK Agilios

Powerful and Agile - around all bends

AGILIOS™ – the pan & tilt push camera system by iPEK. It consists of a coiler for a 30, 60 or 90 m reinforced, but still fl exible push cable, the multifunctional control panel VISIONCONTROL and the camera heads PTP70 and AC42, which was developed according to the requirements of our worldwide customers. In addition to the high image quality, the main functions of the system are an optimum illumination through LED-technology, an integrated location transmitter with an adjustable frequency range, a colour textgenerator, storing MPEG4 videos and BMP images and the option of a data exchange of this information via interfaces, such as USB or Ethernet.

The AGILIOS™ system has complemented the well known high iPEK standards regarding ergonomics and design and has even exceeded these in several points. AGILIOS™ is robust and offers an easy and self-explanatory handling, great stability at key points and combines all components in the overall design into one unit. It is our goal to build a functional and attractive system so that you can start your inspection with the highest effi ciency and maximum fl exibility.

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