DARACLEAN® 232 is a moderately-foaming, all-purpose alkaline cleaning solution that is excellent for use on a broad spectrum of soils.


DARACLEAN® 232 is formulated with a blend of surfactants and corrosion inhibitors. It is safe to use with most metals and is non-aggressive towards aluminum, magnesium, and titanium alloys.

Soil Rejecting Properties:

DARACLEAN® 232 possesses excellent soil-rejecting qualities. After soils are lifted from part surfaces they are suspended in the cleaner for a short time. Over time, solids will settle out, and oil and grease droplets will coalesce and float on the surface of the solution. Removal of soils can easily be accomplished using filters or skimmers as necessary. This action extends the useful life of DARACLEAN® 232 much further than emulsiontype cleaning solutions.

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