Zyglo WW Penetrants PDS

Zyglo® Fluorescent Water Washable Penetrants are used to check for cracks in a wide range of applications. The penetrant fluoresces a greenish-yellow color under ultraviolet radiation and meet OSHA requirements for Class III B liquids (due to their high flash point) and can be used in open dip tanks. Use of a black light source with a peak wavelength of 365 nm, such as the Magnaflux® ZB-100F Fan Cooled Black Light, is recommended.


Test parts must be clean, free of all oil, grease or other foreign contaminating substances and dry before penetrant is applied. Water washable penetrants may be applied by immersion, dip, brush or flow-on, conventional or electrostatic spray. The area to be inspected must be completely covered with penetrant.

Warning! Penetrants attack and even dissolve many kinds of plastic pipe. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe is especially vulnerable, and can crumble after only a few days of exposure. Even diluted penetrant rinsings attack it rapidly. ABS plastic pipe is nearly as sensitive. When installing plumbing to handle penetrant rinsings, use metal pipe.

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