ZP-4B Zyglo Dry Powder Developer

Zyglo® ZP-4B is a free flowing, white, fluffy powder used as a high sensitivity dry powder developer for Zyglo® penetrants. It is supplied ready to use and forms a thin film on parts which enables it to enhance indications of ultra fine discontinuities. ZP-4B's high purity allows it to be used in applications demanding purity.


Zyglo® ZP-4B Dry Powder Developer is applied to the test surface after part has been dried. ZP-4B may be applied by dusting, spraying, dust clouding or dipping. Dipping is the least preferred method of application as some indication scrubbing can result and developer can become contaminated quickly with fluorescent specks. Electrostatic spray application is possible, but care is required to prevent excessive developer build-up which will mask indications; fillet areas may not receive developer on the other hand and indications will not be enhanced.

ZP-4B produces bright yellow green indications with Zyglo® penetrants. It is recommended that a developing time of at least 10 minutes be allowed prior to inspection for full indication development.

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