The Magnaflux® Multi-Directional units are our most versatile standard units. The MD Series offers time saving multidirectional magnetization for finding defects in all orientations with one cycle. The two or three outputs are independently adjustable to balance the magnetic field intensity, and each output offers AC, HWDC or One Phase FWDC output.

The user can mix and match current types while adjusting current levels creating various combinations for the operator. These combinations allow the machine to be used with a wide range of parts, while the Customer Programmable Settings insure repeatability.


  • 3000 amp FWDC/HWDC or 2500 amp AC multidirectional output; current capability at contacts
  • Multidirectional power supply-two outputs (Contacts, Flux-Flow coils)
  • Duty Cycle 0.5 seconds on, 10 Seconds off (5% with Maximum of 5 seconds)
  • 41 inch (104 cm) headstock/tailstock capacity
  • Recommended 20 Gallon (75 Liter) Tank Fluid Capacity
  • Available Voltages: 230, 380, 415, 460, 575, 50 or 60 hertz, 3 phase power
  • Minimum 80 PSI with 5 SCFM capability
  • 89” (226cm) x 41” (104 cm) Foot Print, allow 24”(61 cm) per side for ventilation

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